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Risky Business: Six steps for preventing and managing sexual harassment in the workplace

8 September 2016

Liability for sexual harassment is an increasing risk for employers and managers. Taking these six practical steps will help your business prevent and manage sexual harassment effectively.

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A lot more complicated than building with Lego: But modularisation is here to stay

2 September 2016

Modularisation is making light of seemingly impossible timescales in the construction industry. So, what do developers need to consider?

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Registered Designs: What is the appropriate form of order for injunctive relief?

1 September 2016

Intellectual property lawyers will be familiar with the usual form of order for the injunctive relief awarded in trade mark infringement cases. But when it comes to registered design cases, the appropriate form of order is not so clear…

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Investing overseas and ISDS – Are you adequately protected by a treaty with investor-state dispute settlement provisions?

1 September 2016

Companies conducting business overseas need to ensure their investment is protected by a treaty with an investor-state dispute settlement provision.

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My Start Up is Grown Up – Now what about the Humans? Ten things you need to know

30 August 2016

Start Ups often get bigger by refusing to play by the rulebook. But as they grow, all kinds of legal considerations come into focus.

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Experimental evidence in patent cases: Discovery not available for experiments on matters no longer in issue

26 August 2016

A recent Federal Court decision in Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. v Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd [2016] FCA 1015 sheds some light on experimental evidence in patent cases.

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ANA abolition voted down – no news is good news?

25 August 2016

A recent push to abolish Authorised Nominating Authorities may have failed but the signs are that there will be continued momentum for reform and ensuring (perceived) impartiality for adjudicators.

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The Investment Treaty Arbitration Review, The Trans-Pacific Partnership

24 August 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Does it achieve the necessary balance between investment protection and regulatory discretion?

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WA government announces proposed measures to protect subcontractors

23 August 2016

Following calls in the lead up to the March 2017 state election to “give small businesses a fair go”, the WA government has announced that it will be implementing measures to provide greater protections to subcontractors.

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What you need to know about Victoria’s Draft Apartment Design Standards

19 August 2016

The Victorian Government’s Better Apartments Draft Design Standards have been released with potentially significant implications for those in the development industry.

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