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‘Ban the bag’ and ‘cash for trash’: Queensland’s new waste reduction and recycling laws

26 June 2017

Amendments to Queensland’s waste reduction and recycling laws will introduce both a ban on lightweight plastic bags, and a new beverage container refund scheme.

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Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017: A new era of regulation in Australia

23 June 2017

Australia’s chemical industry is about to undergo widespread reform. Most notably the changes include the first move away from cosmetics testing on animals.

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Queensland Supreme Court dismisses challenge to differential rate

19 June 2017

A recent decision by the Supreme Court of Queensland has reaffirmed the broad power of local governments to levy differential general rates.

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SICC Continues to Grow International Construction Law Jurisprudence

16 June 2017

Recently, the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC) handed down its final decision in Teras Offshore Pte Ltd v Teras Cargo Transport (America) LLC

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The Buck Stops Here: Chain of Responsibility for Non-Conforming Building Products in Queensland

16 June 2017

Proposed new legislation in Queensland will establish a chain of responsibility, placing duties on supply chain participants to ensure building products are fit for purpose.

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Produce your permit: Full Federal Court clarifies union right of entry for OHS purposes

15 June 2017

The Full Federal Court of Australia has handed down an important decision relating to union right of entry for occupational health and safety purposes, in Australian Building and Construction Commissioner v Powell [2017] FCAFC 89.

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Queensland Land Court recommends refusal of Stage 3 expansion of New Acland coal mine

5 June 2017

Minister now unlikely to approve the stage 3 expansion of New Hope’s New Acland coal mine.

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Your option or mine?

1 June 2017

The New South Wales Court of Appeal has recently confirmed that an option to extend a contract which did not specify which party had the benefit of the option could be exercised unilaterally by either party.

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High Court decides that enforcement in a foreign jurisdiction cannot be effected against an Australian bankrupt

15 May 2017

Earlier this month, the High Court of Australia unanimously decided that a judgment creditor cannot apply for a certificate to effect enforcement overseas in circumstances where the judgment debtor is bankrupt.

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Budget 2017: affordable housing, infrastructure and tax

10 May 2017

A closer look at the 2017 Budget and how it will affect your organisation.

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