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In perpetuity no more: FWC Full Bench terminates Aurizon enterprise agreements during bargaining

24 April 2015

This week’s landmark Aurizon ruling has realigned the dynamics of enterprise bargaining. The FWC Full Bench’s decision to terminate 12 expired agreements significantly enhances employers’ position in agreement negotiations.

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New South Wales to pioneer the Federal Government’s one-stop-shop policy

23 April 2015

As part of the Government’s One-Stop Shop framework for environmental approvals, the Assessment Bilateral Agreement Draft Conditions Policy aimed at improving the efficiency of assessment bilateral agreements, has been placed on public exhibition.

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High Court limits ICAC’s role: What are the consequences?

21 April 2015

The High Court’s decision in ICAC v Cunneen places significant restraints on ICAC’s investigative powers and, given ICAC’s high profile in recent times, is likely to be a catalyst for a broader discussion around law reform in this area.

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Australia’s new cyber-bullying watchdog

17 April 2015

On 24 March 2015, the Federal Parliament of Australia passed the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Act 2015, with support from all major Australian political parties.

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IPART and the landholder’s gas exploration compensation benchmark

15 April 2015

IPART has recommended an appropriate compensation scheme for landowners who agree to coal seam gas and other mining activity on their land. Miners can anticipate the recommendations will be adopted as the “best practice”.

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Coal mining and gas activities and the landholders’ refusal right

14 April 2015

Access to land for coal mining and gas exploration should be able to be refused by landowners according to the Greens.

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Determining minimum unit sizes in the Residential Flat Design Code

14 April 2015

The Land and Environment Court has weighed in on the minimum unit sizes required by State Environmental Planning Policy No 65 (Design Quality of Residential Flat Development) (SEPP 65) and the Residential Flat Design Code.

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FWC finds that engaging a labour hire employee is “outsourcing”

10 April 2015

In Burdziejko v ERGT Australia Pty Ltd [2015] FWC 2308 the FWC decided that ERGT ‘outsourced’ work when it engaged a labour hire worker to do work for a new client.

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Claims in contract and estoppel: The Land and Environment Court’s jurisdiction

8 April 2015

The Land and Environment Court has confirmed the extent of its jurisdiction for matters involving claims in contract and estoppel, as well as providing guidance on invalid fetters on the statutory discretion of public authorities.

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Fee-simple under the Valuation of Land Act 1916: Who (hypothetically) owns minerals?

7 April 2015

Are minerals in the ground owned privately or publicly for the purpose of the Valuation of Land Act 1916? The Land and Environment Court undertakes a hypothetical exercise in valuation.

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