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New regulations applying to Underground Petroleum Storage Systems from 1 September 2014

28 August 2014

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2014 (NSW) will replace the Protection of the Environment Operations Regulation 2008 (NSW) from 1 September 2014.

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Proposed changes to domestic building contracts in Queensland

25 August 2014

The Queensland Government has recently released the Queensland Building and Construction Commission and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 which will repeal the Domestic Building Contracts Act 2000.

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You can’t keep secret what you rely upon: Employer loses legal professional privilege in workplace investigation report

21 August 2014

The recent decision of the highlights the need to carefully consider what documents are to be relied upon in court proceedings, lest legal professional privilege be lost over those communications.

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Employment and workplace law: Mid-year review 2014

14 August 2014

This is our first annual review of employment and workplace laws in Australia. We look at developments from the perspective of employers in Australia and the challenges that they face in the current economic climate.

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“Reasonable steps” to protect personal information - Revised Guide to Information Security

8 August 2014

Australian Privacy Principle 11 requires agencies and organisations who are subject to the Privacy Act to take active measures to ensure the security of personal information they hold.

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Consultation draft of the highly anticipated Planning and Development Bill 2014 (QLD) released for consultation

4 August 2014

Following 18 months of selective consultation with various industry representatives, the DSDIP has finally released a consultation version of the draft Planning and Development Bill 2014 for open discussion until 26 September 2014.

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The Oracle decision: Full Federal Court raises the bar for damages in sexual harassment cases

4 August 2014

In Richardson v Oracle and Tucker, a Court awarded Ms Rebecca Richardson, a former consulting manager employed by Oracle total damages of $130,000 for sexual harassment by Mr Randol Tucker, a male sales representative.

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No further claims provisions do not prevent proposed variations to enterprise agreements - Toyota decision confirms

29 July 2014

In Toyota v Marmara [2014] FCAFC 84, the Federal Court found that a “no further claims” term of an enterprise agreement was inconsistent with the Fair Work Act and therefore could not prevent Toyota from proposing variations to the agreement.

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Rules of natural justice do not necessarily encompass the requirement of probative evidence for the abritrator’s factual findings

18 July 2014

TCL Air Conditioner (Zhongshan) Co Ltd v Castel Electronics Pty Ltd [2014] FCAFC 83.

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Financial System Inquiry - Interim Report released with no real surprises

15 July 2014

The Committee led by David Murray which is undertaking the Financial System Inquiry has today released its Interim Report.

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