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Tips for administrators to avoid costs orders in proceedings challenging the validity of appointment

30 September 2016

This week’s TGIF looks at the departure from the general costs rule considered in In the matter of Condor Blanco Mines Ltd (No. 2) in circumstances where the administrator was found not to have discharged the duty of essential neutrality.

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FWC: Enterprise bargaining requires employers to “enter into the theatre of the absurd”

29 September 2016

The Fair Work Commission’s recent Full Bench majority decision in Uniline Australia Limited [2016] has yet again made it clear that they will adopt a strict approach to technical deficiencies when employers issue an NEER.

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Drone Use in Australia: What are the Privacy and Copyright Issues?

29 September 2016

The complex regulatory regime surrounding the use of drones in Australia can give rise to significant challenges, particularly for companies wishing to integrate drones into their day-to-day activities.

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Is it the vibe? Constitutional challenges to the Court’s power to issue examination summonses.

23 September 2016

This week’s TGIF considers Clive Palmer’s recent challenges to the constitutionality of the Court’s power under the Corporations Act to issue examination summonses.

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When is a water treatment plant part of coal seam gas ‘prospecting’?

22 September 2016

A recent decision by Justice Moore in People for the Plains v Santos [2016] has provided some clarity around the types of activities that fall under the definition of ‘prospecting’ and can therefore be carried out without development consent.

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Can an enforcement notice be challenged during a prosecution?

21 September 2016

Two recent decisions by the District Court and the Court of Appeal have helped to clarify whether a recipient of an enforcement notice has the right to challenge the validity of that notice at trial in Queensland.

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Clearer skies for drone regulation in Australia

19 September 2016

In response to growing interest in the commercial use of drones or remotely piloted aircrafts in a range of industries in Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority has developed new regulations that will take effect from 29 September 2016.

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Hopelessly insolvent – DOCA terminated in favour of public interest

16 September 2016

This week’s TGIF considers the decision of Ziziphus Pty Ltd v Pluton Resources Limited (Receivers and Managers Appointed) (Subject to Deed of Company Arrangement) where the Court favoured the public interest in terminating a DOCA

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High Court Invalidates Federal Law Exempting Offshore Resource Activities from Visa Requirements

12 September 2016

Following the High Court’s decision in Maritime Union of Australia v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2016], employers in the offshore oil and gas sector will now have to ensure foreign workers have valid visas.

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Consequences of ‘vague encouragement’ in commercial negotiations

9 September 2016

A recent High Court decision has considered the issue of estoppel based on representations made during commercial negotiations.

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