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Where to now for agreed civil penalty outcomes following the CFMEU and Barbaro decisions?

8 May 2015

The CFMEU judgment creates significant uncertainty for regulators and potential respondents about the operation of and benefit of cooperating with regulators in proceedings involving pecuniary penalties.

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Extension of unfair contract terms protection to small businesses - Many franchise agreements likely to be caught

5 May 2015

Given the definition of a “small business contract” in the Exposure Draft, it is likely that many franchise agreements (which are often presented by franchisors to franchisees as standard form contracts) will be subject to the new regime.

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Money for nothing but no dire straits for the bank: NSW Supreme Court finds money advanced by mistake secured under an “all moneys” mortgage

1 May 2015

This week’s TGIF considers a recent NSW Supreme Court decision in which it was held that a mortgagor’s restitutionary obligation to repay money mistakenly advanced by the bank was secured by the bank’s “all moneys” mortgage.

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“Not in a month of Sundays”: FWC finds shiftworkers must work 34 Sundays to receive extra week’s annual leave

30 April 2015

The recent decision in O'Neill v Roy Hill Holdings Pty Ltd [2015] FWC 2461 clarifies the threshold of regular work on Sundays and public holidays that an employee must satisfy in order to qualify for an extra week’s annual leave.

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From the Register to the dictionary: The treatment of generic trade marks in Australia

28 April 2015

Consumers are familiar with the phenomenon of famous brands being elevated to shorthand substitutes for branded products or services.

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Federal Court of Australia assists in the administration of a cross-border insolvency

24 April 2015

The Federal Court assists in the administration of a UK administration under the Cross-Border Insolvency Act 2008 (Cth).

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In perpetuity no more: FWC Full Bench terminates Aurizon enterprise agreements during bargaining

24 April 2015

This week’s landmark Aurizon ruling has realigned the dynamics of enterprise bargaining. The FWC Full Bench’s decision to terminate 12 expired agreements significantly enhances employers’ position in agreement negotiations.

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New South Wales to pioneer the Federal Government’s one-stop-shop policy

23 April 2015

As part of the Government’s One-Stop Shop framework for environmental approvals, the Assessment Bilateral Agreement Draft Conditions Policy aimed at improving the efficiency of assessment bilateral agreements, has been placed on public exhibition.

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High Court limits ICAC’s role: What are the consequences?

21 April 2015

The High Court’s decision in ICAC v Cunneen places significant restraints on ICAC’s investigative powers and, given ICAC’s high profile in recent times, is likely to be a catalyst for a broader discussion around law reform in this area.

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Australia’s new cyber-bullying watchdog

17 April 2015

On 24 March 2015, the Federal Parliament of Australia passed the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Act 2015, with support from all major Australian political parties.

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