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New procedural rules for Western Australia confirm the State’s commitment to arbitration

19 January 2017

On 3 January 2017, the Supreme Court of Western Australia introduced the Supreme Court (Arbitration) Rules 2016 (WA), a clear sign of the Western Australian courts’ commitment to international and domestic arbitration.

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Swearing in the workplace: Where should you draw the line?

17 January 2017

Is swearing ever appropriate in the workplace? Six recent cases suggest that the line between what is and is not appropriate is becoming increasingly blurred.

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Review of Queensland Privacy and Right to Information Legislation

16 January 2017

Do Queensland’s Privacy and Right to Information laws need to change? Government agencies and service providers can have their say – but they’ll need to move quickly.

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Some useful “tweaks” proposed for the NSW planning system

11 January 2017

A multitude of amendments have been proposed for Environmental Planning in New South Wales to simplify the planning system.

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The enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards in Australia under the Hague and New York Conventions

22 December 2016

This article considers the enforcement of foreign judgments in Australia under the Foreign Judgments Act 1991 (Cth), at common law and under the Hague Convention, and compares this with the scope for enforcement of arbitral awards under the New York

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Insider Trading: What can we learn from Australia's first corporate penalty?

20 December 2016

Key lessons following the first civil penalty for a corporation’s insider trading.

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Litigation funding in international arbitration: recovering the costs of litigation finance

19 December 2016

A recent decision of London’s High Court has far-reaching implications for those using litigation funding.

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Unlimited – liquidators’ enlarged claim permissible following expiration of limitation period

16 December 2016

This week’s TGIF considers a NSW Court of Appeal decision which confirms that liquidators who bring a claim for preference payments within the limitation period may amend that claim to capture additional transactions otherwise subject to a statutory

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What the return of the ABCC means for you

15 December 2016

The Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 became law on 1 December 2016, introducing significant changes and a more empowered regulator.

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The Sansom Review: Streamlining the approval and advertising of therapeutic goods in Australia

14 December 2016

After a two-year review process, the Australian Government has committed to enacting the recommendations of the Sansom Review, which will create a more streamlined and efficient system for the regulation of therapeutic goods in Australia.

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