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Sarah from the Property team

What: Learning to Lead

The Learning to Lead course at INSEAD in Singapore was enriching and rewarding. Despite its relatively brief duration of 3 days, not only did I learn very effective strategies for leading others, I also developed wisdom on how to recognise and utilise more fully my own learning preferences and motivations. I met interesting people from various parts of the globe (including UK, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Malaysia), some of whom I expect will be long-term friends. It was a great opportunity to listen to each person’s experiences with their leadership insights and challenges.

For me, the theory of the course has been converted into effective practice: I have been inspired to identify the motivations of each of my team members and use this recognition to enhance teamwork and their own leadership. Furthermore, the Learning to Lead course has provided me with a depth of material to support my team and offer them insights and opportunities to maximise their leadership potential, as well as my own leadership skills.

Singapore is such an amazing place. While learning how to lead was my focus, I did manage to do some sight-seeing of the Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and Night Safari. Oh, and I also managed to squeeze in a little shopping!

INSEAD Learning to Lead classroom

Networking cooking class

Waterfall in the Cloud room at Gardens by the Bay

INSEAD's beautiful campus

INSEAD's Learning to Lead Australian participants

Singapore's famous Night Safari

Our team cooking at the networking event at Coriander Leaf

Floral display at Gardens by the Bay

Working hard at completing the Everest Simulation at INSEAD

The iconic Marina Bay Sands

Gardens by the Bay in the Cloud room

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