International Scholarships & Secondments

Kylie from the Practice Management team

What: Leadership Development Program
Where: National University of Singapore

“The course was an incredible opportunity to travel to Asia and engage with people from many varied backgrounds and in various stages of their careers. The three professors who taught during the program were all very engaging and knowledgeable, and helped navigate the attendees towards solutions for the real life challenges we faced in our roles. Whilst many couldn’t necessarily provide advice to the manager at the Kuwaiti national oil company or the manager of a Bangladeshi textile company, we were all intrigued to hear each other’s ideas whilst amicably debating the merits of the leadership approaches ingrained in each of us through our respective cultures.

After an intensive five days and late nights on the course, I relished the opportunity to spend a few days exploring the amazing city that is Singapore and I’m looking forward to returning for a longer period and exploring even more of the local food and hawker markets.”

More discussions and sharing of ideas - the diversity of backgrounds and opinions really made this course valuable

No escaping the photos - this time a professional shot of the course attendees

Professor Audrey Chia - a fabulous and very learned professor who we all enjoyed learning from

The course gave us ample opportunity for group work to debate and share ideas

With the debates not stopping just for lunch! Really enjoyed hearing the diverse opinions from a range of cultures, many very different to Australia

Enormous skyscrapers of the CBD dwarf the older colonial style buildings framing the riverside

Couldn’t resist the touristy shot of the famous Merlion!

Enjoying the river cruise and exploring the city, from CBD to quaint neighbourhoods

Mosque St in Chinatown

Quirks and beauty around every corner, glad I got lost and took a wrong turn down this street

Sri Mariamman Temple in Chinatown, amazing amount of detail in the tower

Ornate beauty at the entrance to Sri Mariamman Temple

Exploring Chinatown, from stereotypical tourist shops, to amazing eateries, to expense boutique shops in Ann Siang Hill

Amazing Chinese architecture, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Some down time - exploring Sentosa and the southernmost point of continent

Foot bridge to Sentosa Island

View from the top of the tower on Sentosa...feeling tropical

The predictable afternoon storm clouds rolling in

Not sure how I got convinced into this, definitely got the heart racing!

Singapore skyline - love that we were treated to spectacular sunsets every evening to make up for the afternoon downpours

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