International Scholarships & Secondments

Hugh from the Construction team

What: Learning to Lead

"The most valuable lessons I learned on this course were around giving feedback to junior staff. To prepare in advance so I know know what I will say, focus on the individual, not the firm, explore areas such as ability, resources, motivations and direction to try and work out how we can help junior staff to improve. And, most importantly, to listen.

It was also great to explore Singapore. Terrific food and sights, but most impressive was its dynamism. It only takes a few days in Singapore to realise that our future lies with Asia."

Start of our team cooking challenge at INSEAD...

Our of our skilled instructors teaching us the local way to do thing

Presentation is key

We're no pastry chefs, but not bad for an amateur effort!

Our finished, and obviously winning, product

Fingers crossed it tastes as good as it looks!

Our reward for our hard work cooking - great way to get to know my fellow participants

Traditional architecture in downtown Singapore

Garden City - everywhere you look, it's clear to see where Singapore gets its nickname

Local treats at the delicatessen

Modern art features throughout the city

Arguably the world's busiest port

Photos don't do it justice - the night view across the city is one of my favourites

View through Singapore's colonial past to the famous Raffles Hotel

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