International Scholarships & Secondments

Anna from the Planning, Environment & Local Government team

What: Communication for Leaders and Managers
Where: Singapore Institute of Management

"The practical and theoretical content of the course was invaluable. We explored and practiced different communication techniques to present persuasively with impact and credibility. The course also touched on the psychology of communication with particular emphasis on effective cross-cultural communication styles. The diversity of international participants in the class provided the perfect audience to test our newly honed presentation skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the buzzing metropolis of Singapore each day after class. Each night I’d navigate the amazingly efficient metro to take me to a new corner of the city to take in the sights and indulge in the local cuisine. I found that one can never eat too many dumplings...I stopped in Penang for a few days of R&R before heading back to work."

Cocktails at the Raffles Hotel

I took a trip to Penang after the course, was great to see others parts of Asia and to take a break after an intense few days in the classroom

Loved the traditional colourful architecture in Penang

View of the impressive Fullerton Bay Hotel from across the water

No matter where you are in the city, it's hard to escape the view of Singapore's skyline

Afternoon tea time, the local way

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