International Scholarships & Secondments

Jared from the Construction team

What: Secondment
Where: Soemadipradja & Taher

"I am working at Soemadipradja & Taher (S&T), one of Indonesia’s leading commercial law firms. Everyone at S&T has been very welcoming. In addition to coffees and lunches, I’ve been taken to the launch of a new bar, drinks by the beach, dinner at a seafood restaurant (with your meal selected fresh from the tank), midnight dessert at an original Dutch colonial building, a wayang puppet show and night market shopping. Office attire is suits (without ties) or traditional batiks. Ties are worn for client meetings. Fridays are batiks or casual.

The greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek) has a population larger than Australia. Jakarta is a cosmopolitan, diverse and vibrant megacity. With a city this size, as well as a fuel subsidy and an approach where no one walks anywhere, Jakarta macet (traffic jams) are as bad as everyone warned. As with similar cities, extraordinary wealth is juxtaposed with profound poverty. I am living at the Peak Apartment. On site, there’s a restaurant, mini-mart, dry cleaner, gym, basketball and tennis courts, sauna, spa and 50 metre pool. The staff are very friendly and I have slowly adjusted to being politely referred to as “Mr Jared” or “Pak” (sir).

It has been stimulating living in a different cultural context. I have become accustomed to the daily adhan (call to prayer) before sunrise and then throughout the day. While it is possible to both work and live successfully in Jakarta with only English, I have committed to learning Bahasa Indonesia to deepen my relationship with colleagues and clients and enrich my experience. I have two teachers and my private lessons have included everything from visiting the local supermarket through to dialogue about the differences between Australian and Indonesian perspectives on self-determination in West Papua."

Jakarta skyline from Skye Bar, Menara BCA

Jakarta from my apartment - low rise, high rise, a few trees and megacity haze

Loewy Bar & Restaurant - after works drinks and dinner or weekend brunch

Skye Bar @ Level 56, Menara BCA - the highest bar in Jakarta

Pool at the Peak Apartment - between the four towers of the tallest apartment building in Jakarta

Running track at the Peak Apartment - slightly warmer than the treadmill in the air-conditioned gym

Afternoon skies over Jakarta

Enjoying Jakarta nightlife with friends

Attending the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) meeting in Bali with John Denton

Ayana Hotel, Bali

A Bali beach at twilight

Attending a Gala Dinner during the APEC Business Advisory Council meeting in Bali

Foreign Counsel colleagues: Robert Reid and Yoichi Maekawa (from Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu)

The partners, foreign counsel and lawyers of S&T

On holiday at The Elysian in Bali

Visiting Bali’s southern coast

Balinese Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple

On holiday at The Elysian in Bali

Fire drill with customary team photo

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