International Scholarships & Secondments

John F from the Litigation team

What: Improving Negotiation Effectiveness
Where: Harvard Law School

"Studying ways of improving negotiation at Harvard Law School was a rewarding and inspiring experience. The course was conducted by Bruce Patton, a co-founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project and a co-author of Getting to Yes, a seminal text on principled negotiation. Bruce and his staff are world class teachers and I came away from the course with a fresh perspective on the elements at play in any negotiation.

A feature of the course was the opportunity it provided to meet fellow students from an array of professional and cultural backgrounds, many of whom I have kept in touch with since completing the course.

The scholarship was also a welcome opportunity to do some travel in and around the United States. Before arriving in Boston, I had already driven up Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco and enjoyed a week in New York. After the course, the adventure continued to New Orleans and Mexico.”

Harvard Library - setting up for Oprah's Commencement address

Bronze sculpture of John Harvard AKA the 'Statue of the Three Lies'

Harvard Faculty Club - home of the best Sunday Brunch in Boston

Harvard Faculty Club - location of our first night reception

The Democratic Donkey

Boston Custom House - moved to its current location on Slate Street in 1849, one of the many historical buildings in the city

Historic buildings in downtown Boston

One of the most important sites in Boston's revolutionary-era history

Other Corrs attendees and me enjoying a midweek dinner in central Boston

Walking the Freedom Trail - Samuel Adams statue at Faneuil Hall, sometimes known as 'the Cradle of Liberty'

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