a clear vision

We have a clear vision and a successful strategy as a premium, independent law firm driving Australia's competitiveness in Asia.

Our independence is a strategic differentiator that allows us to control our own destiny and put our clients' interests first. Independence is also a state of mind that drives our growth. It challenges us to stay fresh, agile and relevant in a world that is changing constantly and rapidly. For young lawyers, independence means opportunity.

Watch the videos to hear our CEO, John W. H. Denton describe our vision and talk about the importance of independent spirit.

Bold ambition

Our vision is to be a world class law firm determined to drive Australia's competitiveness and its economic engagement with Asia.

This is a bold ambition that fuels our growth and inspires our people to look beyond the day-to-day and work together to build something special. 

Independent spirit

Our vision is big and bold. To achieve it, we need lawyers who are equally as ambitious and prepared to think big. Lawyers who display a level of independence and are willing to do things differently.

If you are that type of person, you will thrive in a culture that is open, collaborative and in which our people are encouraged to look at the bigger picture and create a lasting impact.

Celebrate your independent spirit here