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wpr whistleblower board

‘Protecting David from Goliath’: Parliamentary Committee makes recommendations for new whistleblower reforms

John Tuck
Richard Flitcroft
Anthony Forsyth
Tegan Harrington
construction dispute resolution

Avoiding the ambush: Does your construction contract include a proper dispute resolution clause?

Construction contracts must have a proper dispute resolution clause to protect against claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic).
Joseph Barbaro
Leighton Moon
dba sydney 2017

Doing Business in Australia 2017

Corrs' Doing Business in Australia answers the most common questions and issues raised by foreign investors, importers and exporters.
gov gift policy

When is a gift too much? New policy framework provides welcome certainty

The Victorian Public Sector Commission’s new policy framework on gifts, benefits and hospitality provides welcome certainty about the use of public resources.
Jared Heath
John Walter
litigation restraining lawyer

An ‘exceptional power’: Restraining a lawyer from acting in aid of the administration of justice

The last couple of years has seen a significant rise in the number of superior court applications by parties who wish to remove their opponent’s lawyers from the dispute.
Ian Dallen