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Collective action back in focus

ASIC’s new draft Regulatory Guide is a timely response to rising shareholder activism.
Andrew Lumsden
Corinna Lee
Hannah Cooper

Free trade with China - What does this mean for Australian services firms?

Unprecedented market access to China puts Aussie businesses at a significant competitive advantage.
Andrew Lumsden
Lizzie Knight
Weihuan Zhou

Five tips to avoid stalemates when negotiating financial covenants

Successfully negotiating financial covenants often requires some thinking “outside the box”.
Rebecca Field
Simon Schuler

ASIC looks to behavioural economics to improve financial product messages

ASIC is using its “soft power” to influence the design of securities offering documents.
Richard Flitcroft

Data retention regime - Soon to become reality

Telcos and ISPs will have to retain customer metadata for up to two years under the new law.
Christie Jones
Richard Leder