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We think about the legal and commercial challenges facing our clients. So here are some of our insights on the issues that make a difference in the business environment.

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Japan and Australia - Capitalising on the JAEPA

Australian companies will have unprecedented opportunity to take advantage of a level of access that Japan has not yet offered to any other trading partner.
Duncan Marckwald
Peter Grey

Selamat President Jokowi

Indonesia’s next President has been officially announced. What does this mean for business?
Justin Fox
Jared Heath

The logistics journey - What to look for in your equipment procurement contract

View our checklist of the key contractual elements to consider when entering into procurement and logistics contracts.
Andrew Chew
Georgina Crouch

FSI panel recognises the potential of impact investment

Jeremy King
Jason Bernard
Simone Lim

M&A Review: 2014 mid-year update

As we pass the first half of the calendar year, we have checked in on the state of the public M&A market and here are our top ten findings.
Jaclyn Riley-Smith
Sandy Mak