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litigation whistleblower

What could the new Whistleblower regime look like and how will it affect your organisation?

How will changes to the whistleblower regime affect your day-to-day business operations, risk management and compliance procedures?
Richard Flitcroft
iptc disrupting procurement

Disrupting procurement: the process contract and other avenues

Commonwealth legislation is being proposed to allow judicial review for government procurement decisions. What will this mean for the tender process?
Jodie Burger
Viva Paxton
Ashley Rooney
Class Actions

Queensland introduces class actions: A new Landscape

Class Actions are coming to Queensland. So, how many are we likely to see?
Michael Kimmins
Danielle Tay
Public Health

Time to speak up: improve access and drive reform for public hospitals

A look at the potential public sector health reform that lies ahead in 2017.
Vanessa Mellis
iptc youth detention

Opportunities hiding amongst the issues in youth detention

How can service delivery in youth detention be improved to achieve better outcomes including reduced recidivism?
Helen Clarke
Jodie Burger
Viva Paxton