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From Facebook friends to tomorrow’s leaders: Understanding the impact of demographic change in Asia

A new generation of Asian leaders is presenting opportunities to Australian businesses.
John W.H. Denton AO
Andrew Lumsden

Renewable energy for remote Australia - Can our rural and indigenous communities go off-grid?

Debt-funded renewable energy is the practical solution for energy security in remote Australia.
Jeremy King
Jeremy Thompson
Jason Bernard

Infrastructure in Indonesia: Will recent reforms make things easier?

Changes to Indonesia’s legal framework pave the way for greater infrastructure investment.
Jared Heath
Cameron Grant

A bow wave of reform at our ports?

Applications for declaration may be on the rise at Australia’s ports. What does this mean for access seekers and infrastructure operators?
Thomas Jones
Sarah Godden

Can an employee be sacked for tweeting “political opinions”?

Will dismissed SBS reporter Scott McIntyre’s sacking be found to be unlawful?
John Tuck
Anthony Forsyth