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We think about the legal and commercial challenges facing our clients. So here are some of our insights on the issues that make a difference in the business environment.

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bi khoury report

Code of Banking Practice: The Khoury Report

Phil Khoury’s recommended changes to the Code of Banking Practice will mean banks will need to meet higher standards.
Michael Chaaya
Peter Anderson
itcp sap licensing

SAP wins UK licensing dispute: Strategies for managing licensing risks

The recent SAP decision in the United Kingdom’s High Court highlights the risks when it comes to under-licencing.
Philip Catania
Arvind Dixit
MA REVIEW 2017 cover website v22

M&A Year in Review 2016

Our latest M&A Year in Review highlights five key considerations ranging from pre-bid strategy during these uncertain times, through to the tactics necessary to edge deals over the line.
Corrs High Vis Podcast Website Banner 1024x426

Corrs High Vis: Episode 5 – Attracting a crowd: Stadium Development lessons from overseas

Corrs High Vis is a series of podcasts, offering insight and analysis into the Australian construction industry.
Andrew McCormack
Global high street

The Global High Street: E-commerce is counting the cost of age-old policy

SMEs are exposed to a wealth of opportunities through e-commerce. But governments need to reconsider trade rules which have failed to keep pace with the 21st Century practices.
John W.H. Denton AO
James North
James Wallace