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Night sky

China’s hope to see the stars - CHAFTA the platform for collaboration

Under the Dome does more than bear witness - it represents a significant opportunity for Australian/Chinese collaboration and prospects for Australian business.
Andrew Lumsden
Lizzie Knight

The G20 Infrastructure Hub - Footsteps towards bridging the global infrastructure gap

Can the G20’s infrastructure hub improve infrastructure investment across the world?
Andrew Chew
Rommel Harding-Farrenberg

Back to the future with PPPs: Can ‘retro’ PPPs deliver more bang for the public infrastructure buck?

A tweaked PPP model may be an answer for more infrastructure.
Peter Schenk

Is Australia still attractive to Chinese investors in 2015?

China’s investment appetite is changing, away from a focus on resources. What does this mean for Australia?
Andrew Lumsden
Lizzie Knight

Lessons from Airbnb and Uber privacy incidents: Gaining trust through privacy compliance

People are increasingly reluctant to hand-over personal information, unless they trust that it will be protected.
Sophie Bradshaw