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finance anz credit card

Beyond the banks - Paciocco affects others too

This week’s High Court decision in the Paciocco v ANZ case will have ramifications that go far beyond the banking industry.
Ben Davidson
David Starkoff
litigation whats app

What's wrong with WhatsApp?

The recent ban on WhatsApp in Brazil marks the third time the online communication service has been banned in the country and highlights the real risks for preserving, obtaining and presenting evidence of online communications in litigation.
Matthew Critchley
Ben Winford
ldr new insider 1

The New Insider Trading Trend: Harsher Penalties and Greater Risks for Businesses – Part One

By pursuing recent high profile cases against Richard Kamay, Steven Xiao and Oliver Curtis, ASIC has shown that it will prosecute those who have engaged or been involved in insider trading.
Richard Flitcroft
Grant Mason
privacy reasonable steps

What are ‘reasonable steps’ to protect personal information’? 5 key lessons from the Privacy Commissioner’s determinations

Under Australian privacy laws, organisations need to implement ‘reasonable steps’ to protect any personal information they hold.
Philip Catania
Tim Lee
brexit 3

Breaking Brexit Down: Anti-Corruption (VIDEO)

In part four of our video series, Corrs Partner Annette Hughes takes a closer look at the implications of Brexit on anti-corruption measures.
Annette Hughes